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Level 90 Paladin Talents

June 17th, 2012 | Posted by Getsu in Mists of Pandaria | Paladin | World of Warcraft

I finally did it. I sucked it up and leveled to 90, and it was glorious.

Before I get to talking about the talents, I just want to say that I loved the leveling experience. Even though I rushed a lot of it: the quests were interesting, the zones are beautiful, and playing through the game just feels fun again. I felt so immersed in the game that it didn’t feel like I spent hours getting up to cap… even though I did.

Once I did get to cap the first thing I did was to run a series of Heroic dungeons. They didn’t feel very challenging, but that may be in part because I’m wearing all the 483 PvP gear. They did give me a chance to test out all the new talents though. All three of them were very interesting to play with, although one proved much more useful than I initially gave it credit for.

Execution Sentence

A hammer slowly falls from the sky, causingholy spell power*4566/1000+26.72716306*375 healing over 10 sec. This healing is dealt slowly at first and increases over time, culminating in a final burst of healing.

I will say that this was my least favorite of the talents. It is a very nice, albeit short, HoT, but Paladin’s already have strong single target healing and Beacon to allow us to have some heals going towards the tank while we heal the rest of the group. It serves the purpose of a extra healing on the tank while you heal other targets or during a damage heavy phase, but I felt that if fell short compared to the other spells. This will likely be my last choice from these talents unless the situation strictly calls for having an extra single target cooldown

Light’s Hammer

Hurl a Light-infused hammer into the ground, where it will blast a 10 yard area with Arcing Light for (16 sec.5) sec.

Arcing Light
Deals 2513 to 3071 (+ 24.7% of SpellPower) Holy damage to enemies within the area and2513 to 3071 (+ 24.7% of SpellPower) healing to allies within the area every 2 sec.

I’m gonna start here by saying that I love this spells animation. It’s just so cool to me to toss a hammer on the ground and have it spurt out lightning. I feel like I’m Thor.
This spell worked exactly like I expected it to, and looked amazing while doing it. Toss it down when you need some AoE healing and it will do  some very decent healing while it’s down. It has a huge radius and ticks for a decent amount. It definitely isn’t a powerhouse of a heal, but it does help alleviate some of that AoE pressure.

Holy Prism

Sends a beam of light toward a target, turning them into a prism for Holy energy.

If an enemy is the prism, they take 11172 to 13654 (+ 109.8% of SpellPower) Holy damage and radiate 8374 to 10234 (+ 82.3% of SpellPower) healing to 5 nearby allies within 15 yards.

If an ally is the prism, they are healed for11172 to 13654 (+ 109.8% of SpellPower) and radiate 8374 to 10234 (+ 82.3% of SpellPower) Holy damage to 5 nearby enemies within 15 yards.

Surprisingly enough, this was by far my favorite of the new talents. At first glance I thought that it looked rather weak, but playing with it definitely made me love it. It’s a very interesting spell to play with in that to use it as an AoE heal you need to target an enemy. I also found it very surprising that this spell is actually really strong. I wasn’t paying attention to the damage it was doing, but its AoE heal was stronger than a 3 Holy Power Light of Dawn and its single target heal was just about the same as Holy Shock. I think what finished making this spell amazing for me was the fact that I could choose whether to use it as an AoE or single target heal. The other two spells could only do one, but this spell had a powerful single and group heal.
The main drawback it seems to have is that to utilize the AoE heal, the group has to be around the mob that you’re targeting. In cases where you wont have your raid around an enemy it wont be useful as an AoE. Other than this, I am extremely happy with the versatility that this spell provides.

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