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Hi, I’m Getsu

June 2nd, 2012 | Posted by Getsu in World of Warcraft

I wanted to write something up a that is a bit more thorough than the About section to introduce myself as a player and person. This is going to be more of a personal post with no information on game mechanics.

Welcome to my blog.

My beginnings in World of Warcraft

I began playing World of Warcraft in August of ’08. After months of hearing my middle school English teacher talk about how much he loved this game and how fun it was, I decided to start a character on his server and get to max level to play with him. I rolled my first character as a Night Elf druid named Kerfax. The first few months were a very slow process of playing occasionally after school and working as hard as I could to reach max level. I was in a few leveling guilds throughout this time, but I didn’t really understand what being in a guild was all about so I never stuck around long. I remember that the day Wrath of the Lick King came out I made a Death Knight and was extremely into the leveling of that character. I thought the class was a lot of fun, but even so I ended up deleting that character and going back to my druid.

I managed to reach level 80 on my druid and began raiding with my first real guild. At first we started off with doing level 70 raids like Zul’ Aman, but we built up to attempting Naxxramas. We couldn’t keep our level 80 players, so eventually the 8 of us who wanted to raid merged with another guild and there we began raiding 25 man Naxxramas. My first clear of the Arachnid Quarter came in April of ’09, and from there I progressively became more and more interested in raiding.

My entry into raiding

I started out raiding as Restoration because the guild I was with told me that I had a knack for healing. I wasn’t really sure of what I was doing and really just took any piece of gear that I was told I could use. I understood that it was my job to keep my fellow raiders alive, but I really had no clue of how my class worked. I casually progressed through Naxxramas and picked up some ideas of how to play better from my fellow raiders. Once Ulduar opened up, I was much more comfortable with my healing and had started to enjoy raiding much more than anything else in the game. I still raided very casually, but I looked forward to going into Ulduar every week. The guild I was with managed to take down two of the four guardians, Thorim and Hodir, before The Trial of the Champion came out. I don’t really remember much of ToC, but I know that I thought it was a let down after Ulduar. Nothing very big happened for me during ToC, but my raiding picked up quite a bit once Icecrown Citadel was opened up.

Raiding in ICC, Rotface

During ICC I joined a guild that was more focused on progression than my previous guild had been. They still thought of themselves as casuals, but they actively progressed through hard mode content. Before raiding with them I wasn’t even aware that there had been harder versions of boss fights since Ulduar. I had always been happy just to get the bosses down, it never crossed my mind that there were players out there who were doing even harder versions of the fights to challenge themselves. When I realized that Heroic Content was so much more complex than normal modes, I was entirely hooked.

I joined that guild just after they had killed the Lich King on normal mode. I joined them for their first Heroic modes, and because I wanted to know that I was doing my part to kill every boss I started reading every forum and guild I could find. I knew the ins and outs of my class and took every opportunity in game to put to practice what I was learning. I went from casually raiding to raiding on a set schedule of three nights and researching boss fights on off nights. Every new boss kill presented a huge thrill. I loved every night that I logged on to raid, but it came to an end when our raid leader decided we would not attempt Heroic Lich King. I didn’t know how I felt about giving up before we even tried, but the opportunity quickly arose for me to keep raiding.

The top guild on the server asked me to join them for Heroic Lich King. They had been attempting it for months, but attendance issues kept hurting their chances. I decided to take the offer and began my attempts on the fight. It took us a few weeks, but we worked through the mechanics and it came down to having the right people on. Finally with everyone on, the boss just fell over. We barely managed to get it before Cataclysm, but to me it was the best moment of my WoW career to date. Once Cataclysm came out, my raiding environment would once again change incredibly and push me to grow as a raider.

My growth as a raider

In Cataclysm I continued to raid as I had before, but with much more of a personal focus on being the best I could be and pushing progression. During Tier 11 it also happened that I had to find a new home because I would be moving across the country for school in a few months. I stumbled across a guild that seemed amazing to me, and much to my surprise I was accepted. With this new guild I finished T11 in the Top 100 for 25 man raids in the US. This seemed impossibly amazing to me, and it only got better from there.

My druid during Firelands

When Firelands came out we pushed the content as well as we could. We killed Normal Ragnaros on the first week with ease and prepared for Hardmodes. At first we encountered some issues with Hardmodes. Heroic Bethtilac stopped us for two weeks, but when we finally killed her we picked up a momentum that just didn’t stop. Bosses fell at our feet one after the other until we finally stood before Heroic Ragnaros. After countless hours of strategizing, discussing mechanics, gearing up and putting everything into reality against him: Ragnaros died and we had earned a spot in the Top 50 for 25 mans in the US. The pride I felt in my guild for making it to that level is beyond what I can put to words. I was ecstatic to be a part of such an amazing group of players. I loved the group and how we accomplished everything we wanted, but eventually this group stopped as well.

Where I am now and what I intend to do with this blog

I recently joined Full Spectrum on the Alleria server and will be raiding with the guilds second ten man team come Mists of Pandaria. I have also decided that I will be retiring my druid as my main character and switching to my paladin. Because of this I want to write up my thoughts on the class, healing, and PvE content from the perspective of a Holy Paladin. I want to become more involved in the community as well, so I hope to find some people to discuss the class with.

I will start writing on my thoughts with the class in Beta, but will hopefully have time to do much more with it once the expansion comes out and I am well into the playstyle and raiding.

Who I am outside of WoW

My name is Marcos and I am currently a college student. I will be going into my second year of school and have decided to major in Science, Technology and Society which is a mixture of sociology and science classes meant to focus on how technology affects our society. I take pride in school and spend a lot of time working on my school work, but I also have some hobbies outside of school and WoW. My other hobbies include writing, dancing, swimming, Quidditch and reading.

So to anyone who reads this: Welcome to my blog!
I hope to be able to write a lot about my thoughts on WoW and would love to hear feedback from anyone who cares to share their thoughts with me.

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