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Quick Guide to Healing Terrace of Endless Spring

December 23rd, 2012 | Posted by Getsu in Guide | Mists of Pandaria | Paladin | World of Warcraft

This is going to be a short guide that includes the talents, glyphs, raid composition (for 25 man) and general cooldown preparation that I used for healing Normal Terrace of Endless Spring. Although it is aimed specifically at Holy Paladins, Ill try to keep the healing talk general so that other classes can get some use out of this as well. Post any questions on fights you may have in the comments and Ill do my best to answer them.

This is the general spec I run with, and unless I state otherwise these are the talents that I use. I also want to say that while I advise a certain talent spec, you can do every fight with whatever talents as long as you figure out a way to make them work for you. I want to add to this by saying that despite what many people will have you think, running PvP 4 Piece and Eternal Flame are not the only way to heal as a Holy Paladin. Its the way to get the absolute best numbers if that’s all you’re interested in, but parsing is not the same as doing your job.

Protectors of the Endless

Tanks: 2
Healers: 5
Talent Changes: None

This fight is a council type fight like Iron Council from Ulduar. When one boss is killed the other two are healed to full and gain a stack of Sha Corruption. This fight has a lot of possible mechanics based on which boss is killed first, so I am going to describe this fight based on the easiest order: Kaolan > Regail > Asani

The fight starts with all three bosses active in the center of the very large room. Each boss has an ability that they add to the fight at this point, and they are Touch of Sha (Kaolan), Lightning Bolt & Lightning Prison (Regail), and Water Bolt & Cleansing Waters. Lightning and Water Bolt shouldn’t actually cause much damage throughout Phase 1 as they can be interrupted, so the main source of damage should be the person tanking Kaolan and the Lightning Prisons that go out. Lightning Prison should be dispelled when it goes out to avoid the damage from hitting the group. It is capable of being put on Meele, and on a stacked group it will do a large amount of damage. Other than that, just make sure to keep steady heals going towards the tank. Good use of SS and Beacon heals can make the healing in this phase extremely easy to deal with.

Once Kaolan dies, the two remaining bosses gain an extra ability each. Asani gains Corrupted Waters and Regail gains Lightning Storm. Lightning Storm is similar to World in Flames from Ragnaros in that you want to stand on the edge of the first ring when it appears to be ready to run into that area once the second larger ring appears. This can be a large source of damage if people in your raid are dumb and decide to stand in the Storm for very long. The other new mechanic, Corrupted Waters, should be used to buff yourself. It is an add that needs to be killed, and if you stand near it when it dies you will gain Purified. Take advantage of it as much as possible.

When Regail has been killed, Asani will gain the ability Overwhelming Corruption. This ability makes the last phase of the fight into a dps burn with a large amount of damage the longer you stay in this phase. You want to be prepared to use your strong cooldowns as necessary, and be aware that this damage can be reduced with Devotion Aura.


Healers: 6
Talent Changes: Eternal Flame, Divine Purpose, Stay of Execution, Glyph of Flash of Light

This fight is honestly one of my favorites in the tier. A heal the boss fight isn’t the most interesting of mechanics, but it definitely gives us the opportunity to do something we don’t normally do. Its split into two phases: the Night phase which is a high raid damage kill the boss phase, and the Day phase which is a single target healing portion. Your purpose on this fight is to get our numbers as high as possible when healing the boss, you think you can handle that?

Lets start with the boring part: Night Phase. During the Night Tsulong will be a normal style boss fight. The abilities that he casts are Dread ShadowsNightmares, and Shadow Breath. To avoid Shadow Breath, simply don’t stand in front of him. He’s a dragon, what more did you expect? As for Nightmares, purple circles will appear on the ground. Make sure to move out of them and keep your Dispel button ready because someone is bound to mess it up and get feared. Lastly, look for Sunbeam in the room to be able to drop the Dread Shadows debuff. You can likely take it up to 12+ stacks without much damage, especially with smart use of  Divine Protection. Just make sure not to be dumb enough to constantly stand in the Sunbean as it will disappear faster the longer you stand in it.

Now the fun part! During the Day Tsulong becomes friendly and needs to be healed up. Before I get to the strategy I use, Ill explain the full mechanics of this phase though. There will be waves of adds spawning all throughout the Day, and one of them casts Terrorize. This will do a huge amount of damage to Tsulong if it is allowed to stay up. You need to be prepared to Dispel it as soon as it goes out. The adds that are up will also do consistent damage to the raid, so you can’t completely tunnel on the boss (Unless you assign someone else to heal the raid while you go to town). During the Day, make sure you are standing in front of Tsulong as he will now cast Sun Breath. That buff is amazing and it will be highly abused to heal Tsulong.

Onto the actual dragon healing strategy. As soon as Tsulong becomes friendly, cast Beacon of Light on him. Follow it up with a Flash of Light to proc your glyph buff and then a 3 HP EF. You want to make sure that during the day all of your direct casts healing spells are on Tsulong unless its absolutely necessary to cast on someone else. Any extra EFs or DP procs should be cast on the raid though, as you don’t want to override an extremely powerful HoT for a weaker one. For this fight I use a macro that looks like this:

#showtooltip Avenging Wrath
/cast Avenging Wrath
/cast Divine Favor
/cast Guardian of Ancient Kings
/use Potion of the Jade Serpent

I find it very useful, but it’s not entirely necessary. Now, the healing on this phase revolves around Sun Breath. You want to use any cooldowns or potions that you want right before it hits. Once it actually hits you, do the following: Flash of Light > 3 HP EF > Flash of Light > Stay of Execution. This will put up both HoT abilities and buff them both with the Breath and your glyph. Apart from this, make sure that you do not override the HoT outside of a Breath. Again, make sure that your direct casts (HS, FoL, DL) are on Tsulong and spend HP to spread more EFs that will heal him through Beacon.

Lei Shi

Tanks: 2
Healers: 5
Talent Changes: None

This fight is fairly simple and the majority of the healing is tank damage. Throughout the entirety of the fight, Lei Shi will simply cast Spray on the current tank. This needs to be dropped every few seconds to avoid tank damage getting too high, but she will progressively cast faster due to Afraid. Be ready for tank damage to be absolutely ridiculous towards the end of the fight. This tak damage is also why I stick with Sacred Shield for this encouter. Having that shield on the tank at all times will go a long way in smoothing out the huge amounts of damage going out.

The other mechanics of the fight add a bit of diversified damage to keep you awake as you spam the tank. Protect is an ability that Lei Shi will cast every 20% of her health. She will continue to attack her aggro target throughout the duration of her shield, but the adds that are summoned will be the primary source of damage going out. They hit like trucks individually, and there are quite a few of them. Be prepared to toss a cooldown on the tank that is grabbing them and spam heal him as best you can. The other abilities that interchange on a set timer are Hide and Get Away!. Get Away causes a large amount of raid damage while forcing you to continually move. Because of this movement, I use HA for this portion of the fight to try to get in as many LoDs as possible. You can use Divine Protection and Devotion to mitigate some of this damage, but it is definitely a challenge to heal through it. Hide on the other hand doesn’t present much damage at all if people stay away from the tank who has aggro. She will continue to cast Spray on that tank, so if people are near him they will take damage from it as well.

Sha of Fear

Tanks: 3
Healers: 6
Talent Changes: EF, DP

This fight actually doesn’t have too much going on for being the penultimate of the tier. Throughout the fight you transition between the main platform, where the Sha is present, and outer shrines. Ill explain the main platform and the Sha first and then explain the other platforms.

The Sha has a few different abilities itself and summons adds throughout the entire fight. The Sha’s abilities are ThrashBreath of FearEerie Skull, and the adds it summons use Penetrating Bolt. Penetrating Bolt and Breath of Fear are abilities that just need to be avoided. The Breath is avoided by simply standing within the boundary of the giant cone that your tank creates by standing in the light in front of the Sha. There should never be a point where you, as a healer, take damage from this ability. Be prepared for your dps to get hit by this though. Some DPS do tend to tunnel the adds and not realize that this ability is coming, but unfortunately for them it hits so hard that saving them may not be possible. Penetrating Bolt is also something that you just need to move out of. The landing point will be marked by a circle on the ground that needs to be moved out of. As long as you’re paying attention to your feet you shouldn’t get hit by this ability. Thrash and Eerie Skull on the other hand will simply be damage going out that needs to be healed through.

The only other mechanic present on this fight is the boss’ Ominous Cackle ability. If you get chosen for this ability you will be moved to the outer platform, along with a tank and three dps, to kill an add. The add has to die in time for your tank to get back to tank the boss, so this requires a good amount of damage going out from your group. You as the healer then need to do your best to keep them alive through Dread Spray. In my experience this ability has a knack for fearing you just as you need to save someone, which is why I like using EF for this fight. The other abilities present on the platform are Death Blossom  and Sha Globe. Death Blossom simply has to be LoSd by hiding behind the pillars on the platform. The damage is too high to reliably survive otherwise, so don’t try to stand in and heal through it. The Sha Globes you should simply run over and use to replenish your mana. Make sure that you pick up any that go out because if you don’t they will heal the add for a huge amount.

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