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Quick Guide to Healing Mogu’shan Vaults

October 14th, 2012 | Posted by Getsu in Guide | Mists of Pandaria | Paladin | World of Warcraft

This is going to be a short guide that includes the talents, glyphs, raid composition and general cooldown preparation that I used for healing Normal Mogu’shan Vaults. Although it is aimed specifically at Holy Paladins, Ill try to keep the healing talk general so that other classes can get some use out of this as well. Post any questions on fights you may have in the comments and Ill do my best to answer them.

This is the general spec I run with, and unless I state otherwise these are the talents that I use. I also want to say that while I advise a certain talent spec, you can do every fight with whatever talents as long as you figure out a way to make them work for you.

Stone Guard

Healers: 3
Tanks: 2
Talent Changes: Holy Prism, Possibly Hand of Purity

This fight has a lot of damage for an entry boss fight. Luckily most of the damage is avoidable and your raid shouldn’t actually be taking too much damage if you do the fight properly. The main issue that arises on this fight is that other than the melee, your raid will likely be very spread out to avoid the abilities that the bosses are putting out. This makes it so that if people do take unnecessary damage, it will be a little difficult to heal the whole raid.

The only unavoidable damage going out is the Jade Guardian’s Jade Shards which are an AoE ability that hits the whole raid. If the Jade Guardian is one of the bosses that is up, just be prepared to periodically have everyone take a chunk of damage. Two of the other abilities, Cobalt Mine and Amethyst Pool, are stationary damage areas that should just be moved out of. The last ability, and also one of the reasons that positioning on this fight can get very annoying, is Jasper Chains. This ability forces you to stay within 10 yards of the person you are chained to otherwise you will continually take damage. Three of these four mechanics will be up per week and the main method of dealing with the damage is that each boss also puts up a Petrification debuff that makes their own abilities cause less damage. That leads to walking over Mines during Cobalt Petrification, breaking Chains during Jasper and so on.

Having Jade Guardian up leads to EF being very good for this fight. Since everyone is spread out EF blanketing the raid is a very good way to get constant heals on people for the small amounts of damage constantly going out. Blanketing also gets a lot of heals going towards your Beacon, which is great because on this fight both tanks will constantly have Rend Flesh on them. That DoT also leads me to think that Hand of Purity may be great for this fight, but I stuck to US because of wanting the mana from Divinity. Holy Prism is also a very useful spell here because it can be used to heal up everyone within range of one of the bosses pretty oftenly, whereas Light’s Hammer may only hit a few targets due to everyone being so spread out.

On this fight I would advise that cooldowns be used as needed with Devotion Aura saved for the Overload that each boss casts.

Feng the Accursed

Healers: 2
Tanks: 2
Talent Changes: None

This fight has three different phases that each put out damage differently and have different strategies that can be applied to them.

The first phase, Spirit of the Fist, has very minor damage until he casts Epicenter. The way the fight works, you can skip every other Epicenter damage phase through one of your tanks using Nullification Barrier on a stacked raid. For the Epicenter’s that you don’t have NB, you should be ready to use Devotion Aura, Light’s Hammer, and your choice of throughput cooldowns. I personally thought that using Holy Avenger followed by one of my other cooldowns (AW, DF, or DG) did fairly well for this damage.

The second phase, Spirit of the Spear, also has fairly low raid damage until Feng uses the ability Draw Flame. Once again, Nullification Barrier can be used to skip every other one of these phases. During the phases that he actually manages to use the ability, be prepared for a longer AoE phase. Unlike Epicenter, Draw Flame’s damage is based on when Feng melees his target so it wont go off until he manages to do so. To deal with the damage I threw down Light’s Hammer on our ranged pile and used EF blanketing to heal the melee group. If I got behind on healing in that manner I did make more use of LoD as well, but I tried to keep a preference on keeping EF up on as many people as I could. It’s also important here to cycle cooldowns just as well as with Epicenter.

The last phase of the fight, Spirit of the Staff, is likely the most consistent damage of the fight and can have much more if your raid screws up. He has his (at this point expected) periodic group AoE Arcane Velocity which does less damage the closer to him you are. Again, every other AV can be avoided with NB to avoid the large amount of damage going out. There is another trick here though. Feng will also cast Arcane Resonance which can easily wipe your raid if people are stacked closely to the target. Because of this (This is mostly true on ten man) you want your raid to be in a loose circle around Feng where the targets of Arcane Resonance can easily run out. I personally found that this phase had less healing necessary than the primary two phases due to the damage being more avoidable. I did continue rolling 1 HP EF on people taking damage and saving cooldowns for AV though.

Gara’jal the Spiritbinder 

Healers: 2
Tanks: 2
Talent Changes: Possibly Holy Prism

The first thing I want to say here is that this fight is extremely healing intensive, but there should be no attempt to three heal it. The fight is a very large dps check, so it should be handled with 2 healers even if its a little rough to do so. The main mechanic in the fight includes killing the Spirit Totem that Gara’jal summons while in close proximity to them to go into the spirit realm. As a healer you should be going down with 2 dps and it play the very vital role of healing them to full so that they can gain a HUGE dps buff and transfer back to the normal realm. Let me reiterate that: In the Spirit Realm, your job as a healer is to heal the three people to full. Once at full health, you gain the ability to leave the Spirit Realm as well as a huge buff. I also want to make it clear that while in the spirit realm you should be casting your fastest spells despite the mana cost because the buff that you gain, Revitalized Spirit, grants you a large amount of mana regeneration.

The second mechanic for the fight, and part of the reason that it is so healing intensive, is Voodoo Dolls. As a paladin with EF, this ability is actually rather easy for us to deal with though. While I normally advise light use of expensive spells like HR or DL, Revitalized Spirit makes it so that you can use these spells as long as you make sure to cycle through the Spirit Realm with the other healers in your group. If you use them intelligently you can also use them to build HP and gain more heals through that. I was rolling a full 3 HP EF on each Voodoo Doll and keeping my Beacon on the tank. I also used smaller EFs on other raid members who were taking damage.

Cooldowns should be used as needed on this fight, but be aware that he enters and enrage at 20% where his damage gets very high. You should definitely have cooldowns ready to go for that phase and I would say its smart to save them for that period if you’re considering using them towards the end.

Spirit Kings

Tanks: 1
Healers: 2
Talent Changes: None

This fight can get very complicated due to there being four different bosses that you’re fighting. Each boss also leaves behind one ability to be used throughout the entire encounter once they die, so by the end of the fight you have one boss (with all his own abilities) and three left over abilities to deal with. Ill try to break up each boss concisely, but be prepared for one mess of a fight if you get an unlucky order.

The first boss will always be Qiang the Merciless. The main abilities that you should be aware of for him are a casted frontal cone that will one shot you, and Massive Attacks. To deal with MA, all your raid has to do is stand close to the boss so that the damage will be shared with the entire group. Since the frontal cone has a cast time that makes it easy to move from, this means you can stand right on top of your tank to make sure that they have someone to share the damage with. MA attacks also makes Quiang’s main ability a pain to deal with though. When Quian casts Flanking Orders, a line of soldiers will walk straight across the room from a random spawn point around the circular room. They do damage all in front of them, so they have to be moved out from in front of. If your tank isn’t careful here, they may run off on their own and kill themselves with MA because they ran too quickly for the raid to keep up. As long as that doesn’t go wrong, you just need to worry about healing up the shared damage from MA though. Either keeping EF blanketing going or LoD should be more than enough to deal with that.


Tanks: 2
Healers: 2
Talent Changes: Long Arm of the Law

This fight consists of three different phases each with a large amount of damage. It is definitely one of the most challenging fights with both healing and dps. I’d again advise that a group not try to three heal this despite there being a lot of healing because of the dps checks that are present for the fight. One of the main things to note about this fight is the debuff that is gained while standing on Elegon’s platform: Touch of the Titans as well as the stacking debuff attached to it ,Overcharged. TotT gives dps a very nice buff, but if you read it closely it really doesn’t do much for healers. It increases healing received , not casted. This makes it so that you should drop stacks as often as possible without having to move much. LAotL also makes it very easy to quickly run in and out oftenly if you need to.

The first phase of this fight includes a decent amount of tank damage dealt directly by the boss combined with some AoE damage dealt by the adds that Elegon summons. Upon dying the adds should be outside the platform and will explode for a large amount of AoE damage. Your ranged dps should be stacked when the explosion goes off, so Light’s Hammer in combination with some cooldowns should work well here. Its also important to use raid cooldowns like Devotion Aura if possible.

When the boss transitions into his second phase he will not do any damage, but the sparks that he releases will explode on their death. This makes it so that you need to continue healing throughout the phase as the sparks die and get people up before the next wave is killed. The adds tend to spawn rather quickly as well, so I found it useful to stand on the edge of the platform to heal up the raid and only stepped on to heal myself then jumped off.

The third distinct phase has your group running around the edge of the room and killing adds. Elegon doesn’t do much damage during this phase, but he does periodically cast Unstable Energy. The adds that he summons, Cosmic Spark, also do a lot of damage, so be prepared to throw huge heals at your tank. Since my group split up with 5 people per side, I found that the best way to deal with the damage was to keep a 1 HP EFs on every person on my side while I focused my casted heals on my tank. Once both groups met up and there was a lot of damage goind out due to the adds, I used HA to chain cast LoDs.

After going through all three phases twice, the boss will transition into a slightly different Phase 1. This is a burn phase where he will continue to do damage to the entire raid that will ramp up the longer your raid spends in the fight because of Overcharged. This phase requires good use of cooldowns and will burn through your mana as you will need to cast Holy Radiance to keep up with the damage. Its also important to chain raid cooldowns as well as you can here.

Will of the Emperor

Tanks: 2
Healers: 2/3
Talent Changes: Possibly SS

This fight has a lot of adds to deal with but is pretty straightforward from a healing perspective. Throughout most of the fight there is only really tank damage going out, but it can get very intense based on how well your tanks do with avoiding Devastating Combo. To deal with this damage I tried to keep a 3 HP EF on both tanks and took as much advantage of Beacon transfers  as possible. The damage is very intense though, so it’s necessary to use Divine Light intelligently so as to not burn through your mana too quickly.

The only change to the damage output throughout the fight is the periodic presence of Titan Gas. The Gas deals damage to the whole raid, so Light’s Hammer should be tossed on your ranged while you continue to heal the tanks. The Gas in combination with the stacking armor debuff applied by the Devastating Combo can lead to tanks taking an incredible amount of damage. Cooldowns are absolutely necessary to be able to heal your tanks through the damage and should be saved for the Gas phases. I used HA in combination with either AW or DF for each Gas phase.

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  • nin says:

    Cool stuff, appreciated!

    Im curious if you have ever tried FOL glyph on gara’jal since you recommended going expensive and fast heals?


    • Getsu says:

      I was actually thinking about that as I wrote this up. I’m going to try it this week since when in the Spirit realm getting people up faster is the prime concern. It’s definitely something that could work well if you were to go FoL(Glyphed)>DL.

  • Immanis says:

    On the Stone Guard fight you mention getting a mana return from US and Divinity. Are you talking about the mana provided from Lay on Hands, or is there something I’m missing somewhere for a mana regen?

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