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My First Boss Kill Video

July 5th, 2012 | Posted by Getsu in Boss Kill Videos | Mists of Pandaria | World of Warcraft

So this is extremely basic and all I had to do was string together Fraps footage I got from Beta, but it’s the first video I’ve ever made and uploaded. I’m getting a very odd sense of accomplishment from this video despite the fact that I messed up the only thing I really had to do by making the intro screen (which was just text) too long. I’m working on another video that I want to put up this weekend, and I promise that video will have much more work put into it!

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2 Responses

  • SunnierBear says:

    This looks great. You already avoided all the mistakes I made in my first videos. 😀
    Is this the boss you were talking about, with the avoidable tank damage? Because watching this I feel sort of embarrassed for anyone who didn’t run out of that shockwave-like effect.=x

    • Getsuii says:

       @SunnierBear Well thanks, Sunnier! The boss I’d mentioned is the Will of the Emperor encounter. The shockwave mechanic there doesn’t include the dust animation, so I will say it’s slightly harder to see. 

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