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Holy Paladin 5.1 Changes

November 28th, 2012 | Posted by Getsu in Mists of Pandaria | Paladin | World of Warcraft

There are only a few changes that came with the patch, so this wont be a huge post. I do want to touch on the things that have changed though.

  • Light of Dawn healing has been increased by 5%.
  • Holy Prism will now always Heal the 5 closest allies with the lowest health.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Illuminated Healing to apply absorption shields when no healing was generated.
  • This wasn’t in the patch notes, but the Holy Paladin PvP 4 Piece no longer provides 1 Holy Power when a heal is cast from a Divine Purpose proc.

The changes to Light of Dawn and Holy Prism are just buffs. Light of Dawn hasn’t been a very attractive spell with the huge output that has been provided by Eternal Flame, so having it buffed is going to make AoE healing a bit nicer. I haven’t raided yet this week, but I’m also going to assume that our burst AoE healing is going to see a decent buff due to the LoD change. For burst healing situations Holy Prism being a smart heal may also be very nice. I haven’t actually used it for raiding since I started Heroic modes, but I may try to find some uses for it now.

I’m actually not sure what the Illuminated Healing change is due to. I haven’t heard anything where this bug had come up. If I do come across why this change was implemented I will update just to have the information be clear.

PvP 4 Piece Nerf

I just want to start by saying that of course Blizzard nerfs this once I actually sit down to write a post about it. Thanks, jerks.

So the change hasn’t affected the general style of play that became popular with using Eternal Flame in conjunction with the PvP 4 Piece to “EF Blanket” your raid. That can still be done in a fairly effective manner. What the change did do is decrease the effectiveness that this had in combination with Divine Purpose. Before the change, you could get a few DP procs in a row and have 5 HP ready to roll as soon as you ran out of procs. It made for a lot of EFs going out in conjunction and a huge part of what made this healing strategy so powerful. The change simply makes it so that DP procs no longer provide you with that 1 Holy Power. The DP procs themselves can still be used for the EFs, but you wont have your 5 Holy Power waiting to be used up after they’re gone.

As far as I can tell, this will make it so that the PvP 4 Piece becomes quite a bit weaker. It will definitely continue to be strong on fights like Garalon and Elegon with phases of constant raid wide damage, but in other situations I believe that the PvE 4 Piece will definitely out do it. The stat loss of taking the PvP gear was always an issue, but the sheer amount of Holy Power you could create made up for it. I am now sure that if you can get the 4 Piece PvE bonus with 496 gear that the PvP gear wont be worth the trouble.

Item Upgrades

One last thing I want to mention is the item upgrade system that has been implemented with the patch.

You can now upgrade pieces of gear up to 8 item levels and gain the appropriate stats to match the higher item levels. Based on what I’ve seen, it seems that the best order of upgrades is going to be:

Weapon> Trinkets> Chest/Helm/Legs (Higher stat allocations) > Other armor slots > Rings/Neck/Cloak

I’m personally going to start with my trinkets as I’m waiting to get a Sha touched weapon to upgrade. Since our BiS trinkets come from Heroic Will and Heroic Tsulong, Ill likely upgrade my DMC trinket first and then wait to get a Sha Touched weapon or until I cap again.

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2 Responses

  • Private_Dream says:

    I don’t think 4PC PvP+Divine Purpose nerf actually changed anything – pvp set bonus is still going to be superior for HP generation and mana conservation. HS cd from 4PC PvE nets us up to 5 HP/Min at mana cost and time cost, 4PC PvP can get you up to 15 HP/Min for 0 mana or time. Getting few ilvls on 4 out of 16 gear pieces will never outweight this kind of gain in terms of both throughput and mana conservation.

    The only thing that changed is an option of going Holy Avenger instead of Divine Purpose with this kind of build, depending on encounter.

    • Getsu says:

      I’ve been using it here and there still. It still does a lot of healing, but its competitiveness is definitely down. The 4 Pc PvE bonus also comes with a huge amount of raw stats that this set is missing out on. I think that once I can get my hands on 496+ PvE 4 Pc the PvP set wont be able to compete anymore.

      Note that I am also using mostly 463 PvP gear for the bonus.

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