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Heroic Will of the Emperor Healing Guide

January 21st, 2013 | Posted by Getsu in Guide | Mists of Pandaria | Paladin | World of Warcraft

*IF I get time I will make a video for this guide that has our kill footage. As of now I don’t have much time, but I wanted to put up a guide so here’s the written portion at the very least.*


Titan Gas – Titan Gas fills the room, inflicting 17000 Frost damage every 1 sec. to all players and energizing both players and constructs, increasing melee damage dealt.

Emperor’s Rage – The smallest Terracotta warriors, the Emperor’s Rage strike quickly with dual axes and often formed the forward lines in Lei Shin’s mechanical armies.

  • Focused Assault – Every Emperor’s Rage fixates on a random player, attacking only that player until the player dies or the Rage can no longer attack them.
  • Unarmored – The Emperor’s Rage wear very little armor, and all types of crowd control effects work against them.

Emperor’s Courage – The Emperor’s Courage carry a polearm to harry opponents and form a powerful defensive wall with shields and armor.

  • Focused Defense – The Emperor’s Courage comes to the aid of Jan-xi or Qin-xi by fixating on a tank, attacking only that player until the player dies or the Courage can no longer attack them.
  • Impeding Thrust – The Impeding Thrust of the Emperor’s Courage inflicts 150% normal melee damage and reduces the target’s movement speed by 25% for 10 sec. Stacks up to $117485U times.
  • Half Plate – The Emperor’s Courage wear armor protecting the front of their bodies. The Half Plate blocks or deflects any damage dealt by players to the front of the Emperor’s Courage, but they remain susceptible to movement impairing effects.

Emperor’s Strength – The heavily-armored Emperor’s Strength strike earth-shaking blows with their massive two-handed hammers.

  • Energizing Smash – The Emperor’s Strength smash the ground in front of them, inflicting 100000 Physical damage to players within 10 yards of the strike zone and stunning them for 2 sec. The radius of the effect increases by 1 yard after each use of Energizing Smash.
  • Full Plate – The Emperor’s Strength wear heavy armor that grants them immunity to all crowd control effects.

Titan Spark – When any construct dies, it releases a Titan Spark.

  • Focused Energy – A newly created Titan Spark fixates on a player, attacking only that player until the player dies or the Spark can no longer attack them.
  • Energy of Creation – When a Titan Spark dies or gets close to any player, it releases the Energy of Creation. The Energy inflicts 750000 Nature damage to all players within 8 yards and energizes any constructs, increasing their attack speed by 50% for 2 min. This effect stacks.

Jan-xi and Qin-xi

Jan-xi and Qin-xi activate after 90 seconds and share their health pool.

  • Devastating Combo – Jan-xi and Qin-xi perform a devastating combination of ten attacks.
  • Devastating Arc – Jan-xi and Qin-xi strike a 25 yard hemispherical area to the left, right, or in front of them. These Devastating Arc attacks inflict 150000 Physical damage and reduce the target’s armor by 10% for 30 sec. Stacks up to $116835U times. The immense power of these attacks ignore any player effects that grant damage immunity.
  • Stomp – Jan-xi and Qin-xi stomp the ground, inflicting 100000 Physical damage to all players within 12 yards and stunning them for 2 sec. The immense power of this attack ignores player effects that grant damage immunity.
  • Magnetic Armor – Jan-xi and Qin-xi magnetize their current targets for 10 sec. If a magnetized player moves more than 16 yards away from the constructs, a strong magnetic force pulls them back.

General Healing Strategy

So needless to say, there’s a lot going on for this fight. There are a ton of adds to deal with (with each releasing another add), the bosses, and the gas throughout the whole damn fight. It can easily become too much to deal with, so I’ll try to break down the strategy and healing that I used for this fight piece by piece (and add by add where possible).

Titan gas is consistently doing damage to the whole raid, so be prepared for a ton of raid healing.

For our strategy we had mages keep the Rage adds locked down until they were killed, so we didn’t have to deal with much damage from them. Occasionally there was one running lose, but if done perfectly there shouldn’t be much damage from the Rage adds. DPS should also manage to kill of the other adds before they do any real damage. Courage will bolt directly for your tanks, and if they reach them you’ll have huge amounts of tank damage via failed dancing. As long as the Courage dies on time, there wont be much damage there though. Strength damage is also very random as it will only really hurt your Strength tanks when they get stunned. Be prepared to toss heals at them, but hope that they don’t take much damage at all.

Each of these adds will also drop a Spark, which will almost definitely kill anyone that gets hit. Most strategies I’ve seen use a soaker like a Hunter with Deterance or a Shadow Priest with Dispersion to soak a wave of Sparks. This means that Sparks should be doing negligible damage as well, but with certain classes they may still hurt a bit. You may also have someone hit a Spark accidentally and somehow survive, so be prepared to throw a clutch heal to save them.

The bosses do damage that comes in waves. Once their mana bar is full, they will start doing their Devastating Combo. Your tank really needs to avoid that ability as it is a huge amount of damage. They should not be taking any damage during a dance. Once the boss’ energy is gone, he will once again melee your tank for a large amount of damage. This is a pattern that you should take advantage of to do as much healing for the raid as possible. You should keep one of the bosses focused so as to easily see their energy bar. This will let you know when the boss will be meleeing and when he will be dancing and this allows you to plan when you can be tank or raid healing. During the melee period I will continually cast heals on my tank and use use raid heals only when easily available . Once the dance period starts I will move away from the bosses slightly and do as much healing as I can for the raid.


Holy Paladin Healing Strategy

The way you heal this fight depends a lot on what exactly you’re going to be doing. The large consistent raid damage makes it very possible to use an EF/DP raid healing strategy, but the large tank damage also supports an SS spec with your preferred of the throughput cooldowns. For our kills I personally used SS and DP so that I and my guild’s other Holy Paladin could focus the tanks together and leave the raid healing to the other healers. I also advise not to use the 4 Piece PvP bonus on this fight as getting in melee range of anything for CS is going to be very difficult.

Because the majority of adds didn’t do much damage, I simply made sure to be in range of the Strength tanks and the boss tanks the whole fight. Those were the primary people taking damage from anything other than Gas, so I tried to HS the Strength tanks while casting on the boss tanks. Getting hit by a Spark is almost assuredly a death, but a few times I did manage to save someone with a very fast LoH. Its rare, but sometimes some classes can survive it. If needed remember that you are also able to soak sparks with Bubble. I wouldn’t volunteer to be a regular soaker as you need to be ready to heal, but in an emergency you can definitely handle it.

Since I heal with another Holy Paladin, we each kept our Beacon on one tank and healed the other (who also got our SS). This gave us each a bit of cover on each other and gave both tanks a consistent amount of raid healing. This double cover also allowed me to use LoD during the melee period a lot more often than I needed to use WoG. I also tried to save cooldowns for the tanks since the raid damage was mostly even the whole fight. This is another reason that you should be aware of when dance is going on. If your tank is taking huge amounts of damage and you want to maximize a cooldown on them, use it as early in a melee period as you can. If you go into a dance period with a cooldown it wont do as much for you in tank healing.

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