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Heroic Stone Guard Healing Guide

January 3rd, 2013 | Posted by Getsu in Guide | Guide Videos | Mists of Pandaria | Paladin | World of Warcraft



Shared Abilities:

Energized Tiles – The energy of the living stone flows through the room tiles, empowering players and permanent pets and increasing damage dealt by 1% and Spirit by 1%. This effect stacks.

Rend Flesh – The Guardian rends the flesh of the target, causing 36650 Physical damage every 1 sec. Lasts 15 sec.

Overload – Upon reaching full energy the guardian overloads, inflicting 120000 Shadow damage to all enemies and interrupting Amethyst Petrification. The Overload does not free fully petrified enemies.

Living X – 10 charges of the energy that animates the Amethyst Guardian tear though your body. Each charge inflicts 8500 (+ 10% of SpellPower) Shadow damage every 1 sec. Players drain the energy charges into white floor tiles to energize them.

Individual Boss abilities:

Amethyst Pool – The Amethyst Guardian creates a pool that inflicts 60000 (+ 4.2% of SpellPower) Shadow damage every 1 sec. to enemies who enter the area. Lasts 1 min.

Cobalt Mine – Launches a charged cobalt shard at a player’s location. After a 3 sec arming time, any player within 7 yds will detonate the shard, inflicting 92625 to 97375 Arcane damage and rooting all players within 7 yds for 6 sec.

Jade Shards – The Jade Guardian fires shards of jade in all directions, inflicting 26125 to 28875 Nature damage to all players.

Jasper Chains – The Jasper Guardian chains two enemy targets together. While the targets are over 10 yds apart the chains inflict 20000 Fire damage, increased by 10% for each second they remain apart. The chains will break if the targets remain apart for 15 total seconds.

Holy Paladin Healing Strategy

For this fight I think that the spec you run with should include Hand of Purity and Eternal Flame/Divine Purpose. Due to this talent set up, I also think that the PvP Four Piece will work very well for this fight.

This fight, on 25 man, is a three tank fight that requires a lot of healing on both the tanks and the raid. The reason I like taking HoPurity is that it decreases the overall tank damage going out. If you keep this on cooldown throughout the whole fight, tank damage will be significantly lowered. Using the EF healing style, I tend to keep my beacon on the tank I am assigned to while I heal the rest of the raid. For me that is usually enough to keep a constant amount of strong heals going towards the tank. I usually make sure to prioritize the other two tanks for EF as well because of the high constant damage that they take. It’s a bit of a waste to put EF up on your own tank as you can do more overall healing by having that EF on another person and letting Beacon carry heals to the tank. If the damage they are taking warrants it though put one on them as well.

As far as raid healing, spread EF as much as possible. You want to make sure that the people lighting tiles get a heal because they run out of range a lot, so make sure to put heals on them. As usual, you also want to put your area based heals such as Holy Radiance and Light’s Hammer on the melee where you’re sure to heal a large number of people. On the other hand, your EF spread should be prioritized on the ranged who are spread out and will benefit from the individual heals much more.

General Healing Strategy

Because of the varied abilities, there is a place for every type of healer to shine on this encounter. The Spirit buff granted by Energized Tiles is also very important for healers. It makes it so that mana should not be a real issue throughout the majority of this fight. There is a constant amount of damage going out due to the pools, mines, and chains, and the Shards also add a bit of burst damage periodically through the fight. Shard damage isn’t exactly high most of the time, but in my opinion it presents a different challenge than the other abilities. This damage is complimented by the boss’ Overload ability which due to Petrify wont hit very hard, but it still adds a larger more spread out amount of damage than the other abilities that are happening throughout the fight.

As a healer you want to have a method set up to consistently keep healing going on the entire raid while being ready for the small bursts presented by Shards and Overload. Whether that means saving cooldowns for times when excessive damage stacks up with these small bursts or using a strategy more set up for large amounts of burst healing, be prepared to deal with that. Even small cooldowns, like a paladin’s Light’s Hammer or a priest’s Sanctuary would be better used in conjunction with these small bursts where everyone is taking damage than on cooldown with scattered damage.

Do remember that tank damage is also very high on this encounter. The tank that is holding two of the Stone Guards at once may need a lot more healing than the other tanks, but luckily Rend Flesh doesn’t stack (Blizzard doesn’t entirely hate healers after all). Be ready to toss mitigation cooldowns on all tanks, but especially the multiple boss tank.

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