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Beta Experiences: First Impression from raids

July 2nd, 2012 | Posted by Getsu in Mists of Pandaria | Paladin | World of Warcraft

I worked on fixing videos all weekend to add to this post, but unfortunately I’m not very good with editing. I decided to give up on the video and just put this up without one. I’ll work on the editing skills and add some videos after today, but for now I just want to talk about raids on the Beta.

Raid testing opened up last week and Blizzard has been testing bosses every few days. After doing most of the raid testing I can say that I’m really happy with where paladins are on Beta. I’ve heard quite a few complaints, some of which I share, but I don’t think that the class is in as bad a place as so many people seem to think.  I will say that Monks are obviously in a far better place than all the other healers, but Ghostcrawler has stated that they will be fixed at some point. He also stated that everyone else is about where they should be. This should be taken as people to understand that the sky isn’t falling and we aren’t going to be bad compared to the other healers. Yes, there are issues, but they will get fixed.

The Good

Our toolbox is very varied and has a lot of strong tools to make use of. I found myself changing my talents a lot once I got a feel for the fights because certain talents were much more suited to the encounters than others. Light’s Prism is definitely a winner in the new talent system and I think will find a lot of use for AoE healing in MoP. I did switch other talents sometimes on every new fight. There is no longer a cookie cutter spec or “right” choice as far as talents go. When I healed with another Holy Paladin he was using almost entirely different talents. The choice with talents does come down to what you personally feel is best, and that makes the game so much more interesting.

Single target healing is still just as strong as it has been. Holy Light is usually enough for damage on individual targets, but Divine Light and Flask of Light still find a lot of use when the damage calls for it. On top of that, Holy Shock and Light’s Prism make for very strong spells that I find myself relying on to conserve mana where I can. Our strong single target combined with Beacon also keeps us as the strongest where damage is limited to only a few people.

Speaking of Beacon, the spell is amazing in AoE situations. Since it now transfers heals from both Holy Radiance and Light of Dawn, Beacon transfers a huge amount of healing during AoE phases. I never found myself having to toss a heal directly at the tank if I was casting Holy Radiance and Light of Dawn. The synergy between all of our spells is absolutely amazing and makes for a very fluid healing style that easily goes from single target to multi target, but there are definitely things that feel clunky and need some work.

The Bad

I’ve heard it in a few places and raiding has made it all too clear that our mana regen is not very strong. Even casting just a few of our hard hitting spells leaves our mana pool gasping for breath. I have been very conscious of my mana and tried to go with as much spirit as possible, but I still feel that our regen is very constricting on our heals. I am forced to stay away from Holy Radiance for the most part and to use Divine Light and Flash of Light very sparingly.

The issue with longevity also leads me to think that Holy Power isn’t building as quickly as it could be. Even with the limit raised to 5, in heavy AoE damage situations I find myself casting to build more Holy Power for more Light of Dawns and not really caring about the spells I cast to get there. Its also very clunky that Word of Glory isn’t worth the Holy Power because the Beacon transfers from Light of Dawn far outdo WoG. I hope that Light of Dawn doesn’t get nerfed because of this, but it is clear that our Holy Power system needs some work.

Our AoE healing isn’t as strong as I first though it was. Holy Radiance was buffed slightly, but it’s not strong enough for heavy AoE. To make that worse, it cant be used consecutively for fear of running out of mana very quickly. Although Light of Dawn was made to be much more powerful that it is on live, it’s not constantly available. These two issues make AoE healing quite a strain on either the groups survivability or our longevity.

Final Thoughts

I think that as of now the class seems to be well off. The mana issue isn’t as bad as many people make it out to be, but it is very limiting when damage gets out of hand. Again, I don’t think any of the issues we have are signs that the world is ending as we know it. There are still changes that can be made if it is seen that we aren’t where we should be for any reason.

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