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I think that at this point in the Beta talents are at a good enough place that I can talk about them without fear that they will change too drastically. I’ve tried using most of them as I play on the Beta and heal 5 mans, so I want to talk about where I’ve found use for each one. I’ll try to give my thoughts on each talent and work through them all tier by tier.

Level 15 Talents: Movement

Speed of Light: This spell works just like a rogue’s Sprint. You have access to a huge speed increase once every minute. I have found this to be very useful in emergency movement situations. Because of the cooldown I have found it to be the least useful to me, but it there are those moments when using this allowed me to easily move out of AoE or quickly put some distance between me and something trying to kill me.

Long Arm of the Law: This talent is a much more available but slower sprint. I personally think that for an on demand sprint this works much better because it is almost every single time it is needed, but you also need to be able to judge something for it to work. If there are no enemies nearby it leaves you without a movement increasing ability to rely on. I also found that while playing Prot and Ret this ability lost a bit of it’s usefulness because I was using Judgement in my rotation and at times had to wait for it to come off cooldown for my speed increase.

Pursuit of Justice:  The static speed increase is super nice, and because of the maximum Holy Power cap being increased to 5 I usually found myself with at least 2 Holy Power. This made it so that in dungeons I usually had movement speed of at least 30%. The drawback to this talent is that you have to sit on some of your Holy Power to have your speed increase, but with a little bit of foresight you can have the maximum movement speed without gimping your healing.

Overall for this tier I think my favorite is Pursuit of Justice. It has worked the best for me when I do five mans. For Holy I think I would place Long Arm of the Law and Speed of Light just about even. Depending on the situation it may be better to have Long Arm to have access to the short boost more often, but if the situation calls for being able to move extremely quickly less often Speed of Light would be better.

Level 30 Talents: Control

Fist of Justice: Hammer of Justice with half the cooldown.

Repentance: Repentance still works the same way as the current Retribution version with the exception that the cooldown has been replaced with a 1.5 second cast time. It works very well to make large packs easier to pull.

Burden of Guilt: I honestly haven’t found much use for this slow. I’ve used it when I’m trying to run from an add that the tank hasn’t picked up, but if a tank manages to grab everything this wouldn’t happen. I think this talent will be much more useful in PvP, but there may be an add that needs to be kited in some encounter that this can be used on.

I personally don’t see much use for this tier in PvE content. Repentance will be a nice CC to have for simplifying pulls,  but a slow for a single target and a stun won’t really see much use for a healer in raiding.

Level 45 Talents: Healing

Selfless Healer: Unless you find yourself with free time to cast Judgement during an encounter, this talent will not find much use. The increase is nice, but having to cast 3 Judgements to get the benefit may not be viable if you’re having trouble healing through damage.

Eternal Flame: This spell is useful in situations where the tank, or any single target, is constantly taking damage. It’s a decently strong HoT that can keep some heals going the tanks way along with Beacon heals while you heal the group.

Sacred Shield: I’ve found this spell to be the most useful while doing normal dungeons. The shield is very nice to even out damage, and when combined with the critical chance that it adds to Flash of Light it gives us a huge bonus on a single target.

I think that Eternal Flame and Sacred Shield make this tier a very powerful one. They both have components that make them very good with small amounts of damage over a prolonged period. I think I will favor Sacred Shield because of the synergy it has with Glyph of Flash of Light. If you have Sacred Shield up on someone and need an emergency heal on them, a Flash of Light, with increased critical chance, followed by a buffed Divine Light will do wonders.

Level 60 Talents: Utility 

Hand of Purity: This spell has a very specific effect. It will work very well on any fight like Yor’Sahj where the boss places a DoT on the tank.

Unbreakable Spirit: This is a very interesting effect. As long as you can use the appropriate amount of Holy Power, a total of 50 or 17 heals at 3 Holy Power each, then you are cutting the cooldown of all of these spells in half. The main use I see in this is getting much quicker access to Lay on Hands and having multiple LoH per encounter. Assuming that your Holy Power comes entirely from Holy Shock used on cooldown, you would generate 10 Holy Power per minute. This would make it so that you could actually get the full benefit of a 50% reduction and have a 5 minute cooldown on your Lay on Hands. To get the full cooldown reduction for the other two spells would require a lot of casting Flash of Light and Divine Light on your Beacon target or Holy Radiance though.

Clemency: The main use that I see out of this ability is being able to have a reset on the cooldown for Hand of Sacrifice. That is a very powerful mitigation cooldown, and in certain situations having access to it twice in succession may be a tank saver.

Hand of Purity and Clemency I see as spells with very specific situations where they shine. There will be certain areas where taking them may be mandatory, but in any other situation I would take Unbreakable Spirit. Having access to two (or more depending on the duration of the fight) LoHs per encounter just seems too good to pass up.

Level 75 Talents: Throughput 

Holy Avenger: This spell works the same way that the current Retribution ability Zealotry does. Any ability that generates Holy Power will generate a full 3 Holy Power. This is an amazing cooldown for straight throughput. In a tough healing situation, you can cast this to follow up every Holy Power ability with a LoD or WoG depending on the situation. It works extremely well in both single target situations and AoE healing situations.

Sanctified Wrath:  This spell works extremely well for healing while on the move. For 20 seconds we can move around as necessary without losing much in the way of healing. Because it affects Holy Shock, it also allows our Holy Power flow to continue as we move around.

Divine Purpose: The bonus from this passive is very strong when it procs. The only thing that I don’t like about this passive is that I don’t control when the bonus procs.

I’ve found situations where both Holy Avenger and Sanctified Wrath are both extremely useful. As I said, the bonus from Holy Avenger has come in handy when I need to heal on the move. For all other situations I’ve taken Holy Avenger because I like the way it provides its throughput much better. As for Divine Purpose, I’m not a big fan of chance to abilities. It works well for having a passive Holy Power generation ability, but I’d take either of the other two over it in every situation.

Level 90 Talents: 

I haven’t had the chance to reach level 90 on the Beta, and with my current situation I’ll probably have to wait until 90 premades are available to actually test these abilities out. I will do an in depth analysis of these once I actually test them out, but these are my thoughts on them until then.

Holy Prism: This is a very interesting mix of damage and healing. Depending on how the numbers work out this would be a nice spell to have for an extra AoE heal or a small burst heal on  a single target.

Light’s Hammer: This looks like it will be a very nice AoE heal for that will fill the hole of a longer term group heal for paladins. Since the HoT was taken away from Holy Radiance, our other AoE abilities are all burst heal abilities and this should work well to fill in that gap.

Stay of Execution: This ability seems to work a lot like druid’s Lifebloom in how the heal works. It seems that this will be a strong single target heal that will give us a tank cooldown of sorts on a short cooldown.

Light’s Hammer is my favorite ability from this tier as I like that we’ll be getting another AoE ability through it. It seems like it will work well in combination with Holy Radiance and Holy Shock to keep our AoE healing strong. While Holy Prism also provides an AoE capability, it’s also a burst heal so it doesn’t fill the same niche as Light’s Hammer. Holy Prism seems like the hybrid spell between the other two in that it can be good for a quick AoE heal as long as everyone is near the target, or it can take the place of an extra instant single target heal. In cases where AoE isn’t really needed, it will be best to just take Execution Sentence though. It should be a strong single target heal that serves the place of a small cooldown.

From the dungeons that I’ve been doing on the beta I’ve gotten a pretty good feel for how Paladins are going to play out in MoP. There have been a few changes to the basic spells that a Holy Paladin uses to heal, so I will start off delving into my thoughts on the class by talking about the healing spells that we will be using.
(I’ll be excluding any spells that require being talented into for when I share my thoughts on talents.)

Here’s a list of all the spells before I talk about my thoughts on how they seem to be working so far.


Healing Spells 

Seal of Insight: Improves healing by 5% and allows melee hits to replenish health and mana.

Holy Light: Cheap Heal.

Flash of Light: Quick expensive heal. Generates 1 Holy Power if used on Beacon

Divine Light: Big Heal.  Generates 1 Holy Power if used on Beacon.

Holy Shock: Strong single target heal. 6 second cooldown. Generates 1 Holy Power

Word of Glory: Holy Power consuming single target heal. 1.5 second cooldown.

Holy Radiance: Heals target for modest amount and spreads 50% of that heal to nearby allies. Generates 1 Holy Power

Light of Dawn: Holy Power consuming AoE heal. Heals 6 lowest health allies withing 30 yards.

Beacon of Light: Allows our spells to heal two targets at once. Can generate Holy Power through use of Flash of Light and Divine Light.


Divine Plea: Restores 12% of total mana over 9 seconds while reducing healing by 50%.

Avenging Wrath: Increases healing by 20%.

Devotion Aura: Grants immunity to silence effects and reduces spell damage taken by 20% for 6 seconds.

Hand of Sacrifice: Transfers 30% of the damage taken by the target to the paladin for 12 seconds.

Guardian of Ancient Kings: Heals target of single target heals and nearby allies for 10% of original heal while increasing Haste by 10% for each heal. 5 charges.


Single Target Healing


Holy Light: This spell is still the same small cheap heal that it currently is. It’s the best spell to spam for minor damage.

Flash of Light: Our quick expensive heal. It heals for quite a bit and when paired with Glyph of Flash of Light it will increase the amount of the next heal by 10%.

Divine Light: Our big heal.

Holy Shock: Our Primary method for building Holy Power and a strong heal. It does about the same amount of healing as Flash of Light with the mana cost of Holy Light. It has kept it’s six second cooldown, but now has a bonus AoE component if we have Daybreak up when we cast it. With Glyph of Illumination this spell can also return 1% of our base mana at the cost of reducing Holy Insight returns.

Word of Glory: Our primary Holy Power consumption heal. It now has a 1.5 second cooldown, which I assume is meant to keep us from using two in quick succession now that we can have up to 5 Holy Power at once.


Our single target healing is just as strong as it has always been. When the only damage going out is tank damage, I have found it very easy to heal through it. Storing two extra Holy Power also has a lot of use in our ability to quickly burst heal someone up while moving. Burst single target damage is also very easy to deal with when using the Glyph of Flash of Light. Hitting someone with a Flash of Light to give them a quick heal and then following it with a boosted Divine Light has been working wonders for me.


Multi Target Healing

New animation for Light of Dawn

Beacon of Light: This spell has had its duration removed, but it now has a three second cooldown. It now also has the added benefit of healing the Beacon for 15% of the amount healed by Holy Radiance. The Glyph of Beacon of Light can even remove the global cooldown that the spell causes.

Holy Radiance: Still our main source of AoE healing, but it has been reworked to exclude it’s HoT. All of the healing is upfront now so the spell is better for burst AoE situations than prolonged damage periods. It has also gained the ability to make Holy Shock an AoE spell via Daybreak.

Light of Dawn: This spell is still our AoE Holy Power consumption spell, but it has now been changed to heal the 6 most injured allies within 30 yards instead of in front of us.


The changes to all three of these spells have made healing damage on multiple targets so much easier as a paladin. If everyone is grouped up, tossing a Holy Radiance allows the use of Holy Shock as an AoE spell and sets up a very nice dynamic between the two spells. The changes to Beacon have also made it so that, in five mans at least, while AoE healing I don’t fear that the tank’s health is going to slip too low to be able to keep them up. Removing LoD’s facing requirement also made a very nice change to our AoE healing. I’m not really afraid of missing someone with LoD and simply cast it when the whole group needs a heal. It seems to me that Blizzard is doing a great job in moving paladin’s away from being the single target power houses and giving us some much needed AoE healing capabilities. These changes have made it so that we can AoE heal and not have it be just spamming Holy Radiance.



Testing out Guardian healing… with wasps


Divine Plea: This is still our mana regen spell that grants us 12% of our total mana while reducing our healing. With Glyph of Divine Plea, the 9 second healing reduction is removed and replaced with a 5 second cast time. The old Glyph of Divine Plea is not in the beta, so it seems that we will only get 12% from this spell.

Avenging Wrath: Still works in the same manner as it does currently. Nice throughput cooldown.

Devotion Aura: Has taken the place of the old Aura Mastery as a raid cooldown and now simply reduces spell damage taken by 20% for six seconds. Main downside is that it has a three minute cooldown up from the two that Aura Mastery had, but it is now also available from all specs.

Hand of Sacrifice: Still works the same way as it does currently. A strong cooldown for tanks.

Guardian of Ancient Kings: Now heals everyone, including the original target of your heal, for 10% of the amount of your heal. It also increases your Haste by 10% every time the effect heals a friendly player.


The first thing I noticed with cooldowns was the loss of Divine Favor. That was a very strong cooldown that I’m sad to see go, but we seem to be doing fine without it so far.
Our other throughput cooldowns, Avenging Wrath and Guardian of Ancient Kings, are still in game. Avenging Wrath has remained exactly the same, but Guardian has received some changes to its design. Everyone affected by the heal, including the original target, will receive an extra 10% of the amount healed.  The spell now also increases Haste by 10% for 7 seconds  for every heal used. The Haste bonus has the ability to stack up to 50%. These changes make it so that we have added choice in where the throughput provided by the Guardian goes. We are free to do what we want with that haste, whether it be more single target healing or AoE healing through Holy Radiance. I am a big fan of having choice in healing and think that this bonus will work out better than having the extra healing from Guardian boosted.

As far as our damage mitigation cooldowns go, they have stayed basically the same. Hand of Sacrifice still works exactly the same as it does currently and Aura Mastery has been changed to Devotion Aura. This new spell is available to all specs of paladin and comes with 20% magic damage reduction on a three minute cooldown. I think that the straight damage reduction is going to be a lot stronger than simply increasing resistances. This spell also has the added benefit of being available to all three specs of paladin which should be a nice plus to any ten man groups who may have struggled with availability of cooldowns in the past.

Now for our mana regeneratio cooldown. Divine Plea without glyphs works exactly as it does currently. It provides 12% over 9 seconds with a healing reduction. If glyphed that healing reduction is replaced by a cast time of 5 seconds. To me this change doesn’t seem to have really made a huge amount of difference. You are only affected for half the time of the debuff, but you are completely unable to cast any heals. The cast time also bring in the possibility of having the cast interrupted if used intelligently. It may be better to take the cast time in some situations where you have a very short window to regen and wont be able to deal with the debuff, but so far it seems to me that they come out about the same in levels of utility.


As a whole I think our abilities cover everything we need. We have very strong single and multi target healing that in my experiences on the Beta have been more than enough to deal with the outgoing damage. Our cooldowns are also very strong and we have what we need to cover any healing situation that we encounter. I think that Mists is working out to be very good for Holy Paladins and I am enjoying trying out all the changes on Beta.

Hi, I’m Getsu

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I wanted to write something up a that is a bit more thorough than the About section to introduce myself as a player and person. This is going to be more of a personal post with no information on game mechanics.

Welcome to my blog.

My beginnings in World of Warcraft

I began playing World of Warcraft in August of ’08. After months of hearing my middle school English teacher talk about how much he loved this game and how fun it was, I decided to start a character on his server and get to max level to play with him. I rolled my first character as a Night Elf druid named Kerfax. The first few months were a very slow process of playing occasionally after school and working as hard as I could to reach max level. I was in a few leveling guilds throughout this time, but I didn’t really understand what being in a guild was all about so I never stuck around long. I remember that the day Wrath of the Lick King came out I made a Death Knight and was extremely into the leveling of that character. I thought the class was a lot of fun, but even so I ended up deleting that character and going back to my druid.

I managed to reach level 80 on my druid and began raiding with my first real guild. At first we started off with doing level 70 raids like Zul’ Aman, but we built up to attempting Naxxramas. We couldn’t keep our level 80 players, so eventually the 8 of us who wanted to raid merged with another guild and there we began raiding 25 man Naxxramas. My first clear of the Arachnid Quarter came in April of ’09, and from there I progressively became more and more interested in raiding.

My entry into raiding

I started out raiding as Restoration because the guild I was with told me that I had a knack for healing. I wasn’t really sure of what I was doing and really just took any piece of gear that I was told I could use. I understood that it was my job to keep my fellow raiders alive, but I really had no clue of how my class worked. I casually progressed through Naxxramas and picked up some ideas of how to play better from my fellow raiders. Once Ulduar opened up, I was much more comfortable with my healing and had started to enjoy raiding much more than anything else in the game. I still raided very casually, but I looked forward to going into Ulduar every week. The guild I was with managed to take down two of the four guardians, Thorim and Hodir, before The Trial of the Champion came out. I don’t really remember much of ToC, but I know that I thought it was a let down after Ulduar. Nothing very big happened for me during ToC, but my raiding picked up quite a bit once Icecrown Citadel was opened up.

Raiding in ICC, Rotface

During ICC I joined a guild that was more focused on progression than my previous guild had been. They still thought of themselves as casuals, but they actively progressed through hard mode content. Before raiding with them I wasn’t even aware that there had been harder versions of boss fights since Ulduar. I had always been happy just to get the bosses down, it never crossed my mind that there were players out there who were doing even harder versions of the fights to challenge themselves. When I realized that Heroic Content was so much more complex than normal modes, I was entirely hooked.

I joined that guild just after they had killed the Lich King on normal mode. I joined them for their first Heroic modes, and because I wanted to know that I was doing my part to kill every boss I started reading every forum and guild I could find. I knew the ins and outs of my class and took every opportunity in game to put to practice what I was learning. I went from casually raiding to raiding on a set schedule of three nights and researching boss fights on off nights. Every new boss kill presented a huge thrill. I loved every night that I logged on to raid, but it came to an end when our raid leader decided we would not attempt Heroic Lich King. I didn’t know how I felt about giving up before we even tried, but the opportunity quickly arose for me to keep raiding.

The top guild on the server asked me to join them for Heroic Lich King. They had been attempting it for months, but attendance issues kept hurting their chances. I decided to take the offer and began my attempts on the fight. It took us a few weeks, but we worked through the mechanics and it came down to having the right people on. Finally with everyone on, the boss just fell over. We barely managed to get it before Cataclysm, but to me it was the best moment of my WoW career to date. Once Cataclysm came out, my raiding environment would once again change incredibly and push me to grow as a raider.

My growth as a raider

In Cataclysm I continued to raid as I had before, but with much more of a personal focus on being the best I could be and pushing progression. During Tier 11 it also happened that I had to find a new home because I would be moving across the country for school in a few months. I stumbled across a guild that seemed amazing to me, and much to my surprise I was accepted. With this new guild I finished T11 in the Top 100 for 25 man raids in the US. This seemed impossibly amazing to me, and it only got better from there.

My druid during Firelands

When Firelands came out we pushed the content as well as we could. We killed Normal Ragnaros on the first week with ease and prepared for Hardmodes. At first we encountered some issues with Hardmodes. Heroic Bethtilac stopped us for two weeks, but when we finally killed her we picked up a momentum that just didn’t stop. Bosses fell at our feet one after the other until we finally stood before Heroic Ragnaros. After countless hours of strategizing, discussing mechanics, gearing up and putting everything into reality against him: Ragnaros died and we had earned a spot in the Top 50 for 25 mans in the US. The pride I felt in my guild for making it to that level is beyond what I can put to words. I was ecstatic to be a part of such an amazing group of players. I loved the group and how we accomplished everything we wanted, but eventually this group stopped as well.

Where I am now and what I intend to do with this blog

I recently joined Full Spectrum on the Alleria server and will be raiding with the guilds second ten man team come Mists of Pandaria. I have also decided that I will be retiring my druid as my main character and switching to my paladin. Because of this I want to write up my thoughts on the class, healing, and PvE content from the perspective of a Holy Paladin. I want to become more involved in the community as well, so I hope to find some people to discuss the class with.

I will start writing on my thoughts with the class in Beta, but will hopefully have time to do much more with it once the expansion comes out and I am well into the playstyle and raiding.

Who I am outside of WoW

My name is Marcos and I am currently a college student. I will be going into my second year of school and have decided to major in Science, Technology and Society which is a mixture of sociology and science classes meant to focus on how technology affects our society. I take pride in school and spend a lot of time working on my school work, but I also have some hobbies outside of school and WoW. My other hobbies include writing, dancing, swimming, Quidditch and reading.

So to anyone who reads this: Welcome to my blog!
I hope to be able to write a lot about my thoughts on WoW and would love to hear feedback from anyone who cares to share their thoughts with me.

Comparing Paladins to Druids

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I feel that to focus on my paladin I need to understand how it differs from my druid. To that end, I’m going to compare the two classes roughly and give some insight on where I think both classes shine. I’m going to start this off by giving my opinion on the two healing styles, but I’ll write up a more detailed side by side comparison of things after that.

Druids have been thought of as strict raid healers as long as I’ve played them. All of their instant cast  heal over time abilities made them perfect for fights where there was a lot of damage spread out over the entire raid. In ICC, Rejuvenation blanketing was a perfect way to keep the whole raid up. We weren’t doing a huge amount of healing on any one person, but our HoTs countered damage enough for other healers to be able to bring people up. This is still about the same way that we heal now as long as we have the mana regen for it. Our main spells have remained Rejuv and Wild Growth, with a Swiftmend and a direct heal tossed in for Harmony. Because of this the druid healing style is also very preemptive with a huge focus on throughput. It is best to put up HoTs before large damage phases so that you do not get behind on your healing.

Paladins on the other hand have been thought of as tank healers. Their huge single target heals and Beacon of Light have always made them good at keeping tanks up in most encounters. While they are currently being given abilities to be good at raid healing as well, they still have arguably the best single target healing in the game. I personally feel that the paladin play style feels much more reactive because of the way that it’s single target heals work. While it’s mastery is all about making the spec be more preemptive than reactive, it’s hard to keep shields on a large group of people without burning through mana. On a single person, say the tank, it is easy to continually heal with a cheap spell and keep a bubble on them. The class also has a lot more cooldowns to assist with mitigation of damage than druids do.


All the numbers I use here will come from the Wowhead MoP talent calculator.

Single Target Healing Spells

 Paladin  Druid
Holy Light
Heals for 9322 to 10385
14% of Base mana
Heals for 6151 to 7148
Heals for an additional 20% if a Hot is present on the target.
10.2% of Base Mana
Flash of Light
Heals for 132031 to 14813
42% of Base mana
Heals for 9813 to 10954 and an additional (2361*) over 6 seconds
29.7% of Base Mana
Divine Light
Heals for 17678 to 19695
40% of Base Mana
Healing Touch
Heals for 18460 to 21800
28.9% of Base Mana
Eternal Flame *Level 45 Talent*
Heals for 1548 Per Holy Power consumed every 3 seconds for 30 seconds.
Heals for (6210*1) over 10 seconds. When Lifebloom expires target is healed for ((8150*+SPN*.752)*).Stacks up to three times.
Can only be cast on one target. When cast on a new target all stacks are transferred.
5.9% of Base Mana
Holy Shock
Heals for 10016 to 10849
Generates 1 charge of Holy Power
6 second cooldown
16% of Base mana
Instanlty heals for 4234 and an additional 4234 every 3 seconds for 12 seconds.
16% Base mana.
Execution Sentence *Level 90 Talent*
Heals the target for (holy spell power*4566/1000+26.72716306*375) over 10 sec.
Heals a target with Rejuvenation or Regrowth present on them for for 13966.
Also restores (13966*.12) health to three injured allies within 8 yards every 1 second for 7 seconds
8.5% of Base mana
15 second cooldown
Word of Glory
Heals for 4106 to 4574 per Holy Power consumed
Can consume up to three Holy Power
1.5 second cooldown

Paladin spells cost much more for the casted healing spells, but druids would also be putting HoTs up on a single target. It also seems to me that the raw numbers for each of the casted heals seems a bit odd. I will assume that this is due to Holy Insight and how the spells scale with spell power.
It doesn’t surprise me to see that Paladins have more options for single target healing. Some of their talented heals also seem very interesting. Execution Sentence seems like it will work out about the same as Lifebloom does now.  Having a long term HoT only seems like it can be interesting to work with on certain encounters.
Looking at the druid numbers, they will have the same single target healing spells in MoP that they currently do. The only real changes I see are that Nourish has had a bit of it’s HoT bonus added back in and that Efflorescence has been baked into Swiftmend.

Multiple Target Healing Spells

Paladin Druid
Holy Radiance
Heals a friendly target 3776 to 4614
All allies within 10 yards healed for 50% of that amount. Amount decreases for every target over
Generates one charge of Holy Power
40% of Base Mana
Heals a target with Rejuvenation or Regrowth present on them for for 13966.
Also restores (13966*.12) health to three injured allies within 8 yards every 1 second for 7 seconds
8.5% of Base mana
15 second cooldown
Light of Dawn
Heals up to 6 targets for 2027 to 2257 for every Holy Power consumed.
Can consume up to three Holy Power
Wild Growth
Heals up to 5 allies for 6930 over 7 seconds
22.9% of base mana
8 second cooldown
Holy Prism *Level 90 Talent*
If an enemy is the prism, they take 11172 to 13654 Holy damage and radiate 8374 to 10234healing to 5 nearby allies within 15 yards.
6% of Base mana
20 second cooldown
Wild Mushroom: Bloom
Heals all allies within 12 yards for 6074 to 7348.
10.3% of Base mana per Wild Mushroom
10 second cooldown
Light’s Hammer *Level 90 Talent*
Hurl a Light-infused hammer into the ground, where it will blast a 10 yard area with Arcing Light for (16 sec.5) sec.
Deals 2513 to 3071 Holy damage to enemies within the area and 2513 to 3071 healing to allies within the area every 2 sec.
1 minute cooldown

I included Swiftmend here as well because of Efflorescence being combined with it.
Holy Radiance now has no HoT component and has all of it’s healing done by the initial heal. It no also procs Daybreak which makes your next Holy Shock have an AoE component though. There is some very nice synergy between those two spells for AoE, and Light of Dawn can easily be added in as a Holy Power dump.
Holy Prism and Light’s Hammer both seem like very interesting abilities. On fights where a large group of the raid will be near a boss/add, Holy Prism should be a very powerful option. Light’s Hammer provides more choice in placement though. Regardless of which one is used, it seems that these spells are geared towards giving paladins some prolonged AoE healing where the other AoE spells are geared much more towards burst healing.
The only change for druids is the Bloom spell for Wild Mushrooms. It gives druids a nice burst AoE heal that they had been missing before. It seems like the majority of druid AoE healing will still rely on having HoTs spread out and using Swiftmend on cooldown though.

Throughput Cooldowns

 Paladin  Druid
Avenging Wrath
Increases all damage and healing caused by 20% for 20 seconds.
3 minute cooldown
Heals 5 nearby lowest health party or raid targets within 40 yards with Tranquility every 2 sec for 8 sec. Tranquility heals for 3882 plus an additional343 every 2 sec over 8 sec. Stacks up to 3 times. The Druid must channel to maintain the spell.
3 minute cooldown
Guardian of Ancient Kings
GoaK will heal the target of your next 5 single target heals, and nearby allies for 10% of the amount healed. Every time the Guardian heals it increases your haste by 10%.
5 minute cooldown
Nature’s Swiftness *Level 30 Talent*
When activated, your next Nature spell with a base casting time less than 10 sec. becomes an instant cast spell.  If that spell is a healing spell, the amount healed will be increased by 50%.
1 minute cooldown
Lay on Hands
Heals a friendly target for an amount equal to your maximum health.
10 minute cooldown
Incarnation *Level 60 Talent*
Shapeshift into the tree of life, increasing healing done by 15% and increasing your armor by 120%. In addition, some of your spells are temporarly enhanced while shapeshifted.
3 minute cooldown
Holy Avenger *Level 75 Talent*
Abilities that generate Holy Power will generate 3 Holy Power for the next 15 seconds.
2 minute cooldown
Force of Nature *Level 60 Talent*
Summons three treants to assist in the druids combat role for 15 seconds.
1 minute cooldown
Nature’s Vigil *Level 90 Talent*
Increases all damage and healing done by 20% for 30 seconds.
3 minute cooldown

It seems that druids have much more option when it comes to throughput cooldowns. Excluding talents, do have more available to them, but druids are able to change things more for what suits their situation.

For Paladins, Avenging Wrath has stayed the same in that it provides a straight increases to healing done. Lay on Hands has also stayed the same and keeps the place of an emergency single target heal.
Guardian of Ancient Kings has had a nice bonus added to it in the form of stacking haste for every heal that the Guardian casts. On top of this, Paladins have access to a new cooldown: Holy Avenger. This spell works the same way that a Retribution Paladin’s current Zealotry works and allows the paladin to put out very strong healing through the use of either Word of Glory or Light of Dawn. Paladins also have the option of altering Avenging Wrath through another Level 75 talent so that it removes the cooldown of Holy Shock. This change would work very well during periods of high movement where healing is still required. Regardless of the situation, it seems that Paladins have quite a few divers tools to work through most situations.

Druids have their main throughput spell, Tranquility, without any changes. Through talents they have also gained access to four other throughput spells. Incarnation and Nature’s Swiftness are simply the old Tree of Life and Nature’s Swiftness made into talents. There is also the addition of Force of Nature and Nature’s Vigil to the druid’s tools.
It seems to me that as far as the level 60 talents go, Force of Nature will be better suited to situations where there are multiple rough patches in a fight and you need a small cooldown more often. In the same manner I think Incarnation will end up being a much stronger cooldown that is more suited to fights with a few very healing intensive portions.
Nature’s vigil seems to be a straight throughput cooldown similar to Avenging Wrath.

Damage Mitigation Spells


 Paladin  Druid
Hand of Sacrifice
Places a Hand on a party or raid member, transferring 30% damage taken to the Paladin.  Lasts 12 sec or until the Paladin has transferred 100% of their maximum health.  Players may only have one Hand on them per Paladin at any one time.
3 minute cooldown
The target’s skin becomes as tough as Ironwood, reducing all damage taken by 20%.  Lasts 12 sec.
2 minute cooldown
Devotion Aura
Inspire all party and raid members within 40 yards, granting them immunity to Silence and Interrupt effects and reducing all magic damage taken by 20%. Lasts 6 sec.
3 minute cooldown
Cenarion Ward *Level 30 Talent*
Protects a friendly target, causing any damage taken to heal the target for 6174 every 2 sec for 6 sec.  Gaining the healing effect consumes the Cenarion Ward.  Useable in all shapeshift forms.  Lasts 30 sec.
30 second cooldown
Sacred Shield *Level 45 Talent*
Protects the target with a shield of Holy Light for 30 sec, which increases the critical chance of your Flash of Light on the target by 30%. The shield also absorbs 5879+0.52*holy spell power damage when the target takes damage, but no more than once every 6 sec.
Can only be active on one target at a time

With this expansion, druids have finally been given a tank cooldown. It has less of a decrease of damage than Hand of Sacrifice, but also a shorter cooldown so they should work out to be about even.
Where paladins pull ahead is with a raid damage mitigation. Even if it is only magic damage, druids don’t have a real raid cooldown other than Tranquility.
I also included here Sacred Shield and Cenarion Ward although they aren’t really mitigation cooldowns. They both serve the purpose of extra healing/absorption on a single target that work automatically.

Mana Regeneration

 Paladin  Druid
Divine Plea
You gain 12% of your total mana over 9 sec, but the amount healed by your healing spells is reduced by 50%
2 minute cooldown
Causes the target to regenerate 10% of the caster’s maximum mana over 10 sec.  If cast on self, the caster will regenerate an additional 10% of maximum mana over 10 sec.
3 minute cooldown

Divine Plea and Innervate both have a their pros and cons as for how they work. Divine Plea has a shorter cooldown but it also restores less mana. It also includes the added hindrance of 50% less healing over the duration, but it can be glyphed to change that to a 5 second cast. This spell is definitely provides more freedom.
Innervate on the other hand has the ability to be give to allies and provides slightly more mana per minute of cooldown if used on oneself.

Altogether I think that both classes have very unique feels to them. I’ve enjoyed the healing style that druids have to offer and absolutely loved the time I spent playing it, but I’m excited to really jump into raiding on my paladin. I’ll continue playing on the beta and writing up my opinions on the class from here.