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An Update

March 19th, 2014 | Posted by Getsu in Personal

As anyone who has frequented this blog in the past few weeks, or months really, has noticed: I’m not writing guides on WoW anymore. I feel really bad about just falling off the face of the Earth, so I want to share what’s been going on with me (especially since my last post was not game related). There’ll be a TLDR of sorts concerning guides and this blog at the end because this post may get rather rambly.

As I’ve mentioned a few times in the past, I am currently a student at Vassar College. This has its ups and downs, but I think the poem I posted before going MIA made it clear that there were a few prominent downs at that time. There was a brewing of tension because many people felt that there was a lot of discrimination towards different groups on campus (whether they were racial, sexual, or gender issues). This continued to build in situations where I could feel prejudice openly coming from other students, which led me to write the piece that I shared in September. These issues built until they reached the point where personal attacks were orchestrated against students on campus, some of the victims being close friends of mine. At this time I asked Brutall, the GM of Static, to give me some time off from raiding to deal with my personal problems so that I could be there for my friends. I assured him that I would not be quitting, and felt that this absence would be fine since Static was working on H Garrosh and the raid didn’t need me for that progression.

The issues at school continued to get out of hand with more and more personal attacks (involving a physical assault on a friend). Eventually the administration announced that a pair of students had been behind the attacks and would be leaving school. This ended up breaking much of the tension behind the campus atmosphere without truly resolving much of the prejudice that students felt. The administration continued to attempt to work at the tensions, but many groups still felt it openly. I continued to take time to be there for friends who took the situation much more harshly than I did, and I simply never found time to return to raiding. Before I knew it a few weeks had gone by, Static had taken down Heroic Garrosh, and I had been demoted to a Friends and Family member. At the time I felt bad because I had assured Brutall that I would not be quitting, but I didn’t really have the energy to explain that I was still dealing with stuff.

Despite the campus events being gone at this point, tensions continued and I could feel it in many of my friends. Many of my very close friends were visibly unhappy, and more recently my best friend attempted to commit suicide (hes doing well now). For a long time I had managed to put off my personal feelings on these matters, but when this happened I couldn’t handle it anymore. I broke down. I tried to be strong for everyone around me for so long, and it took its strain on me.

I’ve taken time since these events happened to take care of myself, and am now doing much better. My life seems to be coming back together, and I want to get back to the things that I love. That includes coming back to this blog.

When things calmed down I managed to get back to gaming, but that did not include returning to WoW. The only thing that I ever loved about WoW was raiding, and even before this happened I was feeling disheartened in that regard. Raiding just wasn’t fun anymore. While I loved playing with Static (everyone in that guild has and will remain to be like family to me), I don’t feel that I am deserving of a spot in that guild because of the commitment issues I have due to school and personal problems. This has led me to decide that I won’t be returning to WoW. I just can’t see myself raiding with a guild other than Static.

I love gaming too much to not write about it. Even if I don’t keep many of the readers that came to me for Holy Paladin advice, I want to be able to write about the games that I enjoy playing. I have picked up Dota 2 and may begin writing on that game, or any other games that I pick up and play from time to time. I tried to start streaming via Twitch, but that didn’t work out as my school’s internet connection isn’t fast enough to allow me to stream and play comfortably. I’ll try to write consistently, for now I’m aiming at bi-weekly posts, and I’ll try to get more active in regards to Twitter.

For now I want to say thank you to any of the readers that have continued to support my work throughout the last two years (Its been almost that long since I started this blog). I appreciate the posts and messages that I receive whether it be related to gaming or my personal life.

Side note: Big thank you to Static, especially Brutall, for supporting me since I joined the guild. They are truly a great group of people and anyone who has enjoyed my guides should definitely support them. I believe that Brutall has started putting up a lot of youtube videos and streaming on twitch, so anyone looking for a lovable oaf of a man who enjoys gaming should check him out.

Static’s Website

Brutall’s Twitter

Brutall’s Twitch


I will no longer be playing WoW, and therefore will not be writing guides on the game anymore. I will still try to write bi-weekly posts on this site related to gaming, and will continue to share whatever creative writing pieces I feel are appropriate. Thank you to anyone who reads and supports this blog, it means a lot to me.

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  • Killtehnoob says:

    Hey man, sorry to hear about your personal issues, glad they’re going better (at least the time of your posting). Sorry you won’t be playing wow anymore as I enjoyed your input but it’s for the best if you don’t enjoy it anymore. Take care and I’ll be checking your blog still from time to time.

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