Articles on science issues, creative writing pieces, and some game related stuff.


Who am I?

My name is Marcos and I am a “writer” who enjoys scientific issues, creative writing, and gaming.
I go by Getsu and Leon for my gaming aliases.

What is the purpose of this blog?

This blog is a personal project to share video game critiques and guides, thoughts on technological issues, and creative writing pieces. It’s a variety of content, and the scientific articles will hopefully be the main focus.

Feel free to comment asking for specific pieces such as opinions on other games, guides of a sort, or criticism on my writing pieces or the such.

My Gaming Accounts  

SeighiI currently dont play WoW, but my paladin was my main raiding character. I started him during WotLK and leveled him in time to get some raiding in on ToC and ICC while they were current. He was originally meant to be my tank alt that I used for alt raids, but I really liked the feel to Holy so I eventually transitioned into that. During Cata he once again became Prot mainspec, but I still dabbled in Holy throughout the expansion. He is now Holy mainspec with both Prot and Ret off specs depending on what my current interests are.

Steam – I play mostly Dota 2 and Civ on Steam. I play a few other games, and would be down to play with people once in a while.

Dotabuff – In case people are interested in seeing how much I suck at Dota 2.

How to contact me


Twitter: Getsu 

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