My thoughts on gaming and some creative writing pieces


Who am I?

My name is Marcos and I am a gaming enthusiast who likes to dabble in creative writing. I tend to go by Getsu for my usual gaming alias.

I raid with Static on Arthas on my Holy Paladin Seighi. I have raided competitively in World of Warcraft for a few years, and the main focus of my game time is spent raiding.

What is the purpose of this blog?

This blog is meant to be for me to talk about what I enjoy about video games and some of my personal writing pieces. I will post guides when I get the chance for raid bosses with a focus on Heroic 25 man raiding content. I will also post any poems (if they can be called that), short stories, essays, or thoughts that I feel like sharing.

Feel free to comment asking for specific guides on WoW stuff, opinions on other games, criticism on my writing pieces or the such.

My WoW Characters 

Seighi – My paladin is my main raiding character. I started him during WotLK and leveled him in time to get some raiding in on ToC and ICC while they were current. He was originally meant to be my tank alt that I used for alt raids, but I really liked the feel to Holy so I eventually transitioned into that. During Cata he once again became Prot mainspec, but I still dabbled in Holy throughout the expansion. He is now Holy mainspec with both Prot and Ret off specs depending on what my current interests are.

Getsu- My druid was my first ever toon, and my first character to hit max level. He was my primary raiding character from WotLK to Cata and I’ve  put in the majority of my game time on him. He has gone from Balance to Resto a few times, but even when I’ve raided as a Balance druid I seem to end up healing progression kills. I’ve also dabbled in PvP occasionally, but that is one of the first things to go when I lose out on play time.

How to contact me


Twitter: Getsu 

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